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Become a Campus Partner

We are creating a home for the democratic economy movement.
And we’re inviting you to join us, so it can be your campus too!

What does it mean to be a Campus Partner?

You will

  • Book the campus 3 times in one year*.

  • Pay in advance to lock-in your dates.

We will

  • Give you 20% off all bookings.

  • Proudly display your logo and info at our Assembly Rooms in the mill, and on our website.

  • Give you preferential bookings**.

  • Include your events on our site and promote them along with our own.

  • Invite you to our annual social event.

  • Give you a VIP Playground Festival ticket.

*Whole Campus or Millhouse or Grounds Only bookings. **We’ll prioritise your booking and go out of our way to make the dates you want available, if possible.

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How might you use the campus?

However you like! So long as you book the campus three times in a year, you are a campus partner. Here's an example:


Your organisation comes in the spring and books the Millhouse for a midweek two day training course.


Usual price £1550 

Campus Partner Price £1290


Your organisation books the Whole Campus in the summer for a long weekend work and social gathering with camping and use of the event barn   - up to 80 people.


Usual price £3,600

Campus partner £2880


Your organisation comes in the autumn and books the Millhouse and Mill Lodge for three days for your AGM, training and immersive focus on business direction.


Usual price £2750

Campus partner £2270

You've saved  £1460!


Why do we want Campus Partners?

We are creating a home for the democratic economy movement. We feel by you adopting Selgars Mill as your own campus, it empowers you to do more and brings us together as a movement, creating opportunities for collaboration. Also, we have this uniquely beautiful campus and want to share it!

As a campus partner, do I get 20% off anything?

Yes! Any further bookings within that year, you get the 20% discount. And those bookings do not need to be whole campus, Millhouse or outdoor package. You can even share the discount with your team to use in a personal capacity for a holiday: in our cottage, Waggon, or even the whole Mill House.

What is the democratic economy?

Community-owned businesses, community ownership, co-operatives, social ecology, land justice, people before profits, and much more. The 'economy' is us all interacting with one another in the real world: producing things, offering services and generally getting on with our interconnected lives. The democratic economy is the economy as it ought to be, run by the people for the people.

Can everyone in our organisation access the 20% discount?
Yes! Once the three initial bookings are made, your organisation is a Campus Partner and anyone who is part of your organisation can use this discount.

Is there a camping only option?
Yes! You can book just the grounds with access to the Event Barn, and this can count as one of the bookings to become a Campus Partner.

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