Courses and Events 2022

The New Economy Centre at Selgars Mill is an immersive  work and play campus for building a democratic economy. We empower communities and individuals with both the practical and strategic tools they need to create change. Book yourself on to one of our courses or events.

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Art of Invitation: Creative Approaches to Community Engagement

12-14 October 2022

How can we bring people together across differences to actively engage with challenges facing our communities? What are the real issues that concern people? How can we ask questions creatively to activate meaningful responses and dialogue? What skills, resources and capacities do people already have that can be built upon?

The Art of Invitation explores creative ways of engaging communities in the ecological, cultural, and social challenges of our time.



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Employee Ownership Accelerator

Spring 2023

Employee ownership has been around for many years, with names like John Lewis and Scott Bader bringing to life their version of shared capitalism or a ‘third way’.


 If you’re an owner or leader of a values-driven organisation and want real clarity about how employee ownership might fit with your vision of your business, and indeed whether it is the right decision, this course will give you the information you need to plan your next steps.



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Doughnut Economics: Applying to Neighbourhood and Regional Economics

2-4 November 2022

[Description coming soon]



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We hold regular volunteering group sessions in the garden and grounds – vegetable, salad, flower and fruit growing, pruning, weeding, and woodland work. Join us for some wellbeing time in nature – 8 acres of woodland, streams, meadow and formal growing spaces. Meet new people, learn new skills, get creative, exchange your skills and ideas, and take home a seasonal selection of what’s growing. For updates, more info and get involved email